The Sunshine Box

Well warmer weather is promised and at least it's not raining here in Sussex this week!  We've put together some of our lovely products into a great box called the Sunshine Box, as the products are certainly perking up towards a spring/summer look.

First out is the Skin Chemist Cucumber Mask.   I struggled a little with this one as it has an extraordinary RRP of £109, but you can see it on many mainstream retail sites for much closer to £40, so I altered the RRP to be in line with this.  However, it does have an RRP of £109 and the ingredients are fantastic.  It's in the sunshine box as it's cooling, so if you do overdo it in the sun (and please don't, nothing ages skin faster) then you can soothe with this.

St Tropez's sheet mask is a great way to get a bronze colour into your face that will look natural.  The longer you leave it on, the darker you'll look, but do try to blend into your neck!

Leighton Denny's Kiss Me Quick is a perfect summer pink.  If you feel it's a little bold for hands, use on feet, where most of us are much more adventurous with colour.  I saw a woman out yesterday wearing blue glitter on her toes and I was most impressed!

Bellapierre's Brow Pencil is one of the best on the market.  Soft in texture and colour this is a universal colour, just use more if you want it darker.  Defining brows is one of the best anti-ageing tricks out there and it lifts any look.

Finally, MDMFlow is one of the chicest brands we work with.  Amazing colours and formulations, this one is a bit bolder than a nude to try to nudge you into upping the colour quota a bit.  Most of us get stuck in a rut with our favourite shades so this one pushes the envelope a tiny bit - try it.

I hope you love this box and let me know what you think!